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Damon and Tamika Rich

Our Guiding Principals
  • We will reach down to help others get ready for opportunities to grow. 

  • ​We will reach across to build partnerships with our customers and peers. 

  • We will reach up to grow as individuals and as an organization.

Healthcare Management Leader

"Damon is an innovator.  He will apply a fresh pair of eyes and wisdom to a project that is unconventional.  Damon looks at efficient ways to solve problems utilizing technology and historical wisdom that is cutting edge."

Game Changer

Real Estate Developer

"Damon is best at helping you organize your thoughts and alter your perspective and mindset without minimizing, belittling or being confrontational."


Government Leader

"He gives guidance while truly leading you to come up with a decision that is both logical and fair.  The area doesn't matter.  It can be business, personal or marriage!"


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